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Denaq 20-volt Dq-ac20325-yst Replacement Ac Adapter For Lenovo Laptops

Denaq 20-volt Dq-ac20325-yst Replacement Ac Adapter For Lenovo Laptops

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• Input: 100V-240V 1.5A 50Hz/60Hz
• Output: 20V 3.25A
• Yellow square tip
• Safety fuses guard against power surges
• Compatible with Lenovo(R) ADLX65NCC3A Lenovo(R) ADLX65NLC2A Lenovo(R) 36200288 Lenovo(R) 45N0313 Lenovo(R) 45N0314 Lenovo(R) 45N0261 Lenovo(R) 45N0262 Lenovo(R) 36200253 Lenovo(R) 36200296 Lenovo(R) 45N0305 Lenovo(R) 45N0306 Lenovo(R) ADLX65NDC3A Lenovo(R) 36200249 Lenovo(R) 45N0253 Lenovo(R) 45N0254 Lenovo(R) Z710 Lenovo(R) Z580 Lenovo(R) Z505 Lenovo(R) Z510 Lenovo(R) Z410 Lenovo(R) Yoga 2 Lenovo(R) X301S Lenovo(R) X240S Lenovo(R) X240 Lenovo(R) X230S Lenovo(R) V4400U Lenovo(R) V4400 Lenovo(R) ThinkPad x240s Lenovo(R) ThinkPad x230s Lenovo(R) S500 Lenovo(R) S410P Lenovo(R) S410 Lenovo(R) S405 Lenovo(R) S230U Lenovo(R) L540 Lenovo(R) L440 Lenovo(R) K4450 Lenovo(R) K4350A Lenovo(R) K4350 Lenovo(R) K2450 Lenovo(R) G505 Lenovo(R) X300S Lenovo(R) G500S Lenovo(R) G500 Lenovo(R) G490 Lenovo(R) G400 Lenovo(R) G405 & Lenovo(R) ADLX45NDC2A;

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